Participez à la création d'un domaine viticole à Seyssuel

Seyssuel, ce vignoble oublié que nous replantons aujourd'hui sur les pas de mes ancêtres. Aidez-nous à sublimer ce terroir exceptionnel !

par Sophie EYMIN

Seyssuel, France
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le 24 juin 2016

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Seyssuel, this forgotten vineyards that we replant today on the footsteps of my ancestors. Help us to sublimate this exceptional terroir!


After two years of endless paperwork, I finally got the status to be a Young Farmer. I am beginning the journey of creating my Domaine in the village of Seyssuel which is situated on the left bank of the Rhône river north of Vienna, just opposite the famous vineyards of the Côte-Rôtie appellation.


The steep slopes of Seyssuel have an exceptional terroir that deserves recognition. My grandparents have some bare land which is well-exposed. They told me stories of them themselves doing the harvest here when they were young... It's obvious to me to recreate what once was here, I have to replant vines on this land ...

              20140916_080905_(2).jpg 20130919_150633.jpg

I met my partner Kevin Tichoux in Montpellier while studying my BTSA Viticulture-Oenology. The passion for wine and gastronomy brought us together in this school but not one of us has family in the middle of wine, unlike the majority of other students that already had a future all mapped out in the vineyards of their parents.

For two years I worked on completing my studies and at the same time working part time at Domaine Stéphane Ogier in Côte-Rôtie.

Kevin and I both graduated and left school with grand ideas ... Let's go for an adventure.We began our journey working in different wine growing regions and countries with winemakers all with amazing tallents. Pierre-Jean Villa in Chavanay, Gillmore Estate in Chile, Bernard Bouvier in Gevrey Chambertin Burgundy, the Swartland and Franschoek in South Africa and of course Stéphane Ogier in Ampuis with whom we are still working with today.

Stephane Ogier is currently president of the association VITIS VIENNA which represents the thirteen winemakers that have planted vines in the area of Seyssuel. You can find more information about Vitis Vienna here


Now after everything we have learnt, our time has come for us to focus 100% on our project.

We are starting from zero. We want to plant our own vineyards farm the vineyards with the methods we believe to be best practice and make wine from the grapes produced, that is to say that our first harvest will be in 3 after the first vines are planted. This is where the difficulty lies in our project and for the moment there is only expediture and investments.

We started to plant in spring 2015, with a hectare of Syrah. Our goal is to reach 3 hectares. When we plant a vineyard, there is an enormous amount of work and costs involved. 

20141101_143011.jpg    BEFORE – AFTER

Here the video of the first parcel we planter with the installation of posts :

The parcels we want to replant are parcels where there was previously vineyards but the vegetation has completely grown over and covered the land. We want to clear the land ourselves and that involves clearing the trees, removing all the undergrowth and branches where in some cases the vegitation is higher than us! During this process we rediscover the ancient walls which are sill standing outlining the terraces of the hill. Once the land is clear, we bring in a professional to dig and return the soil to a depth of one meter.

         20141229_112232.jpg 20141231_121448.jpg

This is a very important process before planting vines on a land. In the pictures above, which were taken from last years plantation, it was quite "simple" because it is not too steep. This year, we plan to plant a real hill, very steep with some stone walls probably built by my great-grandfather.

Theearthmoving will be done by a smaller digger and will cost twice as much. We will plant more vines at closer intervals, similar to that of the Côte-Rôtie vineyards, and being so steep we will farm this vineyard by hand which involve using traditional methods from over 100 years ago.



The purpose of the funding is to help us to replant this forgotten vineyard.

The plot we will plant this year is very steep and requires more substantial investment than the previous planting.
To plant our 3000 m² it will cost:

• € 4,500 to prepare the soil (minning, formatting of the plot)
• € 3,800 for vines

• € 5,200 for wooden posts(stake for each vine)


For this plantation we will personally fund € 6,500 and our goal with your help is to fund € 7,000.

If the fundraising goes beyond our goal, we want to invest in a winch and a plow to work the soils on this steep vineyard.The plow is winched up the slope inbetween the vines and works the soil from the bottom up turning over any weeds.We want to work the soils with out any weed sprays and chemicals and to do that we need one of these machines. Currently we remove the weeds by hand or with a pickaxe.


For €15 or more :

A personal thank you on our Facebook page.  Delivery: June 2016

For €35 or more :

Previous reward + sponsoring a vine with your name on supporting post. You will receive a photo of your plant named!

Delivery: June 2016

For €60 or more :

Previous rewards + 1 entry ticket for two people to the press party of Seyssuel with a guided tour through the vineyards with different winemakers, the opportunity to taste all the wines of Seyssuel, a buffet of local products and two wine glasses marked with Vitis Vienna.

Delivery: November 2016.    Limited quantity: 40

For €85 or more :

€35 rewards + a numbered bottle of wine from our very first production, vintage 2017, which will be released February 2019.

Delivery: February 2019

For €150 or more :

Previous rewards + 1 customised tour for two people in our vineyards with all the necessary explanations + 1 invitation to the wine work of your choice (attaching the growing vines to the post with straw, prunning, green harvesting, leaf plucking...)

For €300 or more :

Previous rewards of your choice + a Magnum (150cl) from our first vintage.

Delivery: February 2019

For €1000 or more :

Exclusive and only 1 bottle produced a Balthazar (12L bottle) of our first production.

Delivery: Février 2019    Limited quantity: 1

If you want to help us and participate, it’s possible on the website you can quickly create your account (French website) and then you can find our project in the section VITICULTURE.

*for those who prefer to make a donation by check, you can send it to : Sophie EYMIN 35, montée Coupe Jarret 38200 VIENNE (FRANCE) and we will credit our account MiiMOSA.

Don avec contrepartie
9 755 € collectés
Objectif de 7 000 €
139 %

Projet financé

le 24 juin 2016

Cette collecte est terminée.


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Contrepartie précédente + pour 2 pers. > 1 entrée aux préssailles de Seyssuel avec une visite guidée dans les vignes avec les différents vignerons + la possibilité de déguster l'ensemble des vins de Seyssuel + un buffet de produits du terroir et deux verres sérigraphiés Vitis Vienna.

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Contrepartie précédente + pour 2 pers. > 1 visite personnalisée dans nos vignes avec toutes les explications nécessaires + 1 initiation au travail viticole de votre choix (attachage de la vigne à l'ancienne avec du jonc, taille, vendange en vert, effeuillage...)

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