Ferme de Spiruline à Alleins : le bien-être pour tous !
par Richard REVELLIN

Farm of Spirulina in Alleins : the well-being for everybody !

Richard and Daniel are retraining in spirulina. Energy, envy and passion live in us. Help us realize our project !


The project

Hello !

My name is Richard and my business partner, Daniel.



We are two chilhood friends who want to start a new professional adventure, together, in harmony with our ideas of well-being and autonomy. As a restaurant owner, I am passionate about cooking in general, but I have been interested for some years in the algae that are the source of life or our planet, because do not forget they provide 80% or our oxygen, trees only 20%.

We are both former business leaders : Daniel, in mechanics and public works (garage in Marseille and earthmoving) and for myself, Food managing director (restaurant, delicatessen in London and restaurant in Aix-en-Provence).

Following the broadcast of a TV program on spirulina and its benefits, we found ourselves attracting, let’s say enchanted, by this seaweed, since we embarked on the adventure.

We both followed the training courses given at the CFPPA center in Hyères to acquire the necessary basis for this culture, then followed company internships to refine this know-how.

Récolteuse à spiruline (stage au SPIFORM st Cannat)


We are more than 1 year on this project Spirulina, but what is it, Spirulina ?

Spirulina is a micro-alga, more exactly a cyanobacterium of about 300 microns in length and a spiral shape containing about 7 turns. She appeared on Earth about 3.5 billion years ago. This organism is capable of photosynthesis with oxygen production. It is thus the origin of life on the surface of the earth through the formation of a breathable atmosphere (let us specify that itw as not all alone, about 1500 different cyanobacteria appeared at this time). Spirulina or also called blue alga, is remarkable for its nutritional qualities ; the study of its composition showed an important richness fatty acids (AGE) and in minerals (Iron, Calcium, Magnesium).

Spirulina is therefore considered by many as a super-food, sports enthusiats love it and the UN itself has been using it for many years to combat malnutrition in Third World countries.

https://miimosa.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/production/images/raws/000/026/669/maximized/71085_154545689_1514359863.png?1530526057 ​​https://miimosa.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/production/images/raws/000/026/673/maximized/IMG_20171012_081855.jpg?1530526688

​ ​​

So we want to market this micro-alga in the form of glitter and cachet, but then we want to discover it in different forms too. First fresh, it is delicious on a toast like a tapenade accompanied by a goat cheese or combined with other ingredients, it can be a source of extra taste for the development of new recipes. After launching the project, we even want to create a book, but everything in its own time. Finally, spirulina can also be associated with creams or soaps to fight exema, osteoarthritis, skin fatigue, etc.

Our sales channel will be first live on the property and markets, fairs or any other local events. Our website will be essential and established in French and English to reach a larger number of people. We also want to establish the principle of deposit-sale that nobody.


What will the collection be used for?

Our project is very viable but we do not have enough to finance equipment, including:

- The harvester: 4,500€

- The vacuum press: 950€

So we embark on the adventure MiiMOSA to finance this material for a total of 5 500 €! If we exceed the goal, we can advance on the acquisition of a spirulina dryer (8,000€).

I hope I have convinced you of the reliability of this project and our desire to succeed. But for that, we need your help in this last straight line. We know it will not be easy as in any adventure but our determination is great and you can be proud to have participated.

For those who are hesitant to use the Internet for a payment, we accept checks that you can send to my address (do not forget to indicate your name and email address in your letters!):

Richard Revellin

30 Rue Tuilerie


And I allow myself to thank you again and again, you readers and contributors. You do not imagine the power you have in helping entrepreneurs like us (fifties) because I guarantee you that it's the obstacle course to create a project like this.

Thank you / Merci
See you soon friends!


28 J


270 €

5 500 €

Votre contribution vous sera intégralement remboursée si le projet n'atteint pas 60% de son objectif. Soutenir ce projet


Directeur de restauration

Charleval, France

Sans contrepartie

Pour 15 € ou plus

Un gros merci pour votre soutien et un énorme câlin quand vous viendrez nous voir sur place !

Disponibilité : Septembre 2019

Livraison : Nationale (internationale)

Montant :

Pour 25 € ou plus

Merci ! Contrepartie précédente + 50 gr de Spiruline sèche (15 jours de cure) avec emballage et envoi inclus !

Disponibilité : Septembre 2019

Livraison : Nationale (internationale)

Montant :

Pour 50 € ou plus

Merci ! Contrepartie précédente + 100 gr de Spiruline sèche, emballage et envoi inclus (soit 150 gr au total) + une petite visite de l'installation en famille (4-5 pers. max - 30 min environ) !

Disponibilité : Septembre 2019

Livraison : Nationale (internationale)

Montant :

Pour 75 € ou plus

Un grand merci ! Contrepartie précédente + 100 gr de Spiruline sèche (soit 250 gr au total) + un moulin à moudre pour agrémenter votre salade de spiruline !

Disponibilité : Septembre 2019

Livraison : Nationale (internationale)

Montant :

Pour 100 € ou plus

Un grand merci ! Contrepartie précédente + 50 gr de Spiruline (soit 300 gr au total) + une visite du site complet (serre et laboratoire) avec une dégustation de spiruline fraîche (2-3h environ, 4-5 pers. max) !

Disponibilité : Septembre 2019

Livraison : Nationale (internationale)

Montant :

Pour 200 € ou plus

Un grand merci ! Contrepartie précédente + 100 gr de Spiruline fraîche (soit 400 gr au total, 4 mois de cure) + la possibilité de participer à une récolte en direct accompagnée d'un pique-nique sur le site (NB : une récolte se fait le matin de très bonne heure, à partir de 5h environ) !

Disponibilité : Septembre 2019

Livraison : Nationale (internationale)

Montant :

Pour 500 € ou plus

Un grand merci ! Contrepartie précédente + 600 gr de Spiruline fraîche (soit 1 kg au total, 1 an de cure) + 50% de réduction sur tous nos nouveaux produits pendant 1 an.

Disponibilité : Septembre 2019

Livraison : Nationale (internationale)

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